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About Us

Hdw Graphix provides four high-end services: Web Development, Graphic Design and Social Media Management and PPC


We believe that we have an excellent team behind us at Hdw Graphic and with a great team, anything can be achieved!

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Our Story

Hdw Graphix started out in the bedroom of a driven 17-year-old Graphic Design student who had a passion for running and managing a business. Starting off with small logos and other little jobs, the business grew more Hdw Graphix started to expand and develop websites for its vastly growing customer base. This has now taken off with customers all over the world.


More recently, Hdw Graphix has been managing the social media pages for its clients too. With clients such as Optical Innovation and The Cupboard Under The Stairs.

As the business expanded, more people joined the team and there are now 5 people working the magic here at Hdw Graphix. Come and work with us, grow with us and laugh with us. Send us a message today.



Our Clients